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  • Moju

    Moju started with an aim to make the healthiest and tastiest juices available to everyone. 

    Their juices are packed with vegetables and fruit, and never heat pasteurized which means they are a quick and convenient way to make a healthier choice and get the nutrients your body needs.


  • Karma Cola

    Karma Cola's ethical, organic, Fairtrade and award-winning soft drinks are made with authentic ingredients and without artificial additives. They come in 330ml bottles for premium dining and 250ml cans for when you're on the go.

    Their original recipe is made with Fairtrade organic ingredients including real cola nut grown by the Mende and Temne people of Sierra Leone there are no preservatives or phosphoric acid, no high fructose corn syrup, no 'e' numbers. Just natural, great tasting ingredients in pure sparking.


  • Jarr Kombucha

     Jarr kombucha is a dose of goodness for your gut, brewed with only natural ingredients, low in sugar and packed full of beneficial bacteria, naturally occurring vitamins, enzymes, and amino acids.

    Perfect for any time of the day Jarr's raw kombucha is brewed using just four ingredients: filtered water, organic loose-leaf tea, organic cane sugar,  and a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast).

    In 2016 they opened Europe's first kombucha tap room, allowing people to try their three flavors - Original, Ginger & Passion Fruit - fresh from the kegs.


  • Common Coffee

    Common Coffee like's to keep things simple by making good coffee for everyone to enjoy.

    Brewed as an espresso or filter, baristas will find their coffee easy to work with while the simple flavours have been designed with the customer in mind.

    For Common, coffee isn't just about what's in the cup, they recognise the many hands involved and want to share the stories of their customers, suppliers, employees, and farmers.

    Common only use omni-gradable packaging, which means it will decompose in landfill, and soil.


  • Lucky Saint
  • Thirsty Planet

    Thirsty Planet are dedicated to bringing clean water to the most disadvantaged communities across sub-Saharan Africa.

    On every bottles or pack of Thirsty Planet sold we guarantee a significant, fixed donation to pump aid, a fantastic charity which provides cost-effective, sustainable clean water solutions across Africa. The process is completely transparent and we are accountable for every penny.

  • Tonys Chocolonely
  • Rebel Kitchen

    Rebel Kitchen is here to redefine health. Through food, business and beyond. They are a conscious business who are committed to sustainability in a big way and their products are always made with these values at their core. 

    Stores stock Rebel Kitchen's raw coconut water and their amazing plant-based Mylks.

  • Agua De Madre
  • Oatly

    Oatly was founded in the 1990's and is based on Swedish research from Lund University. The company's patented enzyme technology copies nature's own process and turns fiber-rich oats into nutritional liquid food that is perfectly designed for humans (and coffee!) without recklessly taking the planet's resources in the progress. 

    Oalty Barista isn't just for baristas and works really well with porridge, breakfast cereals or even tea!


  • Square Root Soda

    Square Root drinks are always made them from fruit to bottle. Their whole production process is controlled directly by them, at their Soda Works, so they can be certain that every drink they make is top notch.

    They create extraordinary drinks with guaranteed quality and zero artificial additives. Their award-winning range has something for everyone, because they beleive we all deserve delicious refreshment.
    It’s not only what they do, but how they do it that matters – no shortcuts, no weird stuff, and no compromises.

  • Zigzag Tea

    Lucy was inspired to start Zigzag tea whilst studying for her Masters in East Asian Art, where she discovered the Chinese practice of Cha Dao - "the way of tea". As much about the ritual as the drink itself, Cha Dao is a philosophy of well-being, designed to promote balanced, conscious thinking.

    Zigzag only use ethically & sustainably sourced whole leaves for their single-origin tea and whole herbs & spices for their herbal tisanes. Unlike mass produced tea bags where ingredients are often crushed and ripped to increase surface area, Zigzag keep their ingredients whole for a super fresh taste.

    Zigzag teas and ceremonial grade matcha are available through Stores.


  • Something and Nothing Seltzer
  • Dash Water

    Dash Water was created by Alex and Jack. Both from farming backgrounds, they've seen first-hand how much produce never even gets to our plates. They decided it was time to do something about it, 100% naturally.

    They aim to naturally hydrate the nation and reduce food waste in a fun sustainable way. We use as few and naturally good ingredients as possible to create a very high-quality product.

    Available through Stores in three flavors, Raspberry, Cucumber and Lemon.

  • Brave

    BRAVE is about positive change.

    It's about doing the right thing and having the courage to take that scary, first step towards something better. For founders Amber and Seb, It's about returning to healthy and nutritious plant-based food, that's locally grown and doesn't contain all kinds of unnatural ingredients. 

    Their deliciously crunchy Roasted Peas are grown in East Anglia and come in three ridiculously moreish flavors, made using all natural ingredients and absolutely no sugar. They're perfect for those who want a delicious but healthy snack and make for a great alternative to crisps or popcorn, as they pack more protein and fewer calories than either. So while this humble pea might look small, it packs a powerful punch!


  • Manilife

    Manilife was inspired by a year spent in Argentina, where Stuart, founder, fell in love with the Argentinian way of life. Whilst working with a peanut butter social enterprise, he also fell in Love with Argentinian peanut butter. It was through visiting their now partner farm in Cordoba, Argentina, that he discovered the facts behind the magic.

    Manilife's vision is to harness the power of the Argentine peanut and unleash what's possible. More than eating healthily it's about living happily.

    Through this Manilife want to bring people of all ages and passions together to enjoy and celebrate what they believe is one of the most wholesome snacks in the world!

  • Matcha Works

    Matcha works are here because they don't believe matcha drinks out there are real.

    They don't believe that they contain any real matcha, and they don't taste like matcha. In a world of fake news, they want to tell the truth.

    Every product they create is real. No fads, no gimmicks, nothing artificial.

    Try for yourself through Stores!

  • Golden Grind

    Golden Grind's complete turmeric latte formulation contains everything you need to bring more turmeric into your life.

    With the benefits of turmeric providing all your anti-inflammation and anti-oxidants this delicious tasting blend also contains the wonders cinnamon and ginger and has been scientifically formulated with the correct amount of black pepper to increase the body's ability to absorb turmeric. 


  • Rubies In The Rubble

    Rubies in the Rubble make condiments with a conscience.

    They make their delicious range of award-winning relishes, ketchup and vegan aquafaba mayo sustainably, from ingredients that would otherwise go to waste, often for simply being the wrong shape, size or colour.

    STORES supply their whole range, in retail jars and catering formats.

    Some say it's a load of rubbish...They take that as a condiment.

  • Minor Figures
  • Kaakao
  • Popcorn Shed
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